This is the place! I will start to document my current journey in the world of tech. My adventures trying build company, software and hardware at the same time.

About M.G.

  • Electrical engineer by passion...and by degree.
  • Business and management by experience...and by degree.
  • Have been involved in startup.

M.G. really believes in statemant below

We must either wear out or rust out every one of us. My choice is to wear out

Theodore Roosevelt


My plans are simple. I will take over the world!

My past will define my future, so this is where I am:

  • I like the simplicity of python.

  • Huge supporter to Ubuntu and Linux like operating systems.

  • Pretty dangerous with Django Rest Framework.

  • Have done some hardware that are used in prodution already.


So far you already know all necessary stuff about this project.