Remember the great MCU chip shortage of 2020?
Those were the days when even getting your hands on a small batch of microcontrollers felt like winning the lottery.

Flashback to that time: armed with my freshly minted engineering degree, I set out to conquer the world with my grand vision of creating the most mind-blowing long-range temperature sensor system. But fate had other plans. The chip shortage hit, leaving me with only 3D designs and some rough PCB designs. Even temperature sensor chips were as elusive as a unicorn in those dark days.


Fast forward a few years, turns out, that shortage was a good thing after all. It forced me to pivot, adapt, and ultimately land a gig where I'm leading a team of eight professionals, tackling exciting products with real-world impact. From developing cutting-edge video telematics solutions to spearheading integrations that streamline operations, every day brings new challenges and opportunities to make a difference.

Inspired by Tony Fadell's #BUILD, I'm now contemplating starting some cool side projects during my free time. After all, who knows where the next great idea might come from?
Let's embrace the lessons learned from scarcity and turn them into opportunities for growth and innovation!